Saturday, December 6, 2008

Five Free

Yes, yes this is a random post…but I scored last night and I’m not really up to typing a lot. Unlike poor Darwin I am having a rather pleasant trip(s) so I decided in a fit of productivity to exercise the $5 free credit I received from Amazon MP3:

Longing, Fabric & Deepest Blue – Karsh Kale (I needed to complete Realize, a torrent that downloaded 99% but then mysteriously ceased…which for a OCD person like me has been a constant thorn in my side)

Realize – Cobie Callait (yes, an unashamedly mainstream pop song…but I keep hearin it on the radio and it’s quite catchy…also she’s pretty cute)

Broken – Lifehouse (another pop group…but I’ve always liked their stuff. In deference to the economic meltdown I thought I would buy the song instead of the entire album.)

There…another post…if slightly boring and possibly incoherent…more to hopefully come………


ZenDenizen said...

Lifehouse is the last band I would've expected here.

N said...

But why?!:)

S.O said...

"Never leaving us alone,
never have I ever known,
a ruder-pest!!"