Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My two cents

Blogging is about self expression, but none of us blog in isolation. We are also very much part of a community. When I started out I knew no real people in the blogosphere, yet within weeks I had met a fellow blogger. Since then I’ve corresponded with, chatted with, twittered, exchanged texts and even got silly drunk with a few. All people that I would have never met in my usual life and some people that strangely, I feel that I know more than some of my closest friends. You see the thing is with blogging is that we see how each other think and how they react as they interact with fellow bloggers and comments. Such an explicit insight into how people think is to me quite intimate.

I read NB’s post with some discomfit, firstly I didn’t see what the big deal was. To me the post was just a general poke. To burst the bubble on a bloggers anonymity, especially over something so trivial (I can understand if its slander or copyright issues) seems to me to break some kind of code, a betrayal of our community. I mean a lot of us know who each other are, but we tend to keep that knowledge out of the public eye. Outing information like that is mostly quite tasteless.

I’m all for freedom of speech and forthright talk but there is a difference between being outspoken…and being an asshole.


Java Jones said...

Hey N - that last line sums it up perfectly!

N said...

Thanks Java!

Jack Point said...

Very well put.