Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Why? O’ why?

I am absolutely fucking tired of the questions.

“Why did you leave? Isn’t it amazing there? You can have anything you want!”

“What are your plans now? What are you going to do?”

“You didn’t want to stay there and make some more money?”

It’s astonishing to me that somehow people think that they have some kind of right to question my decisions and motives because I did something they cannot comprehend doing. The questions from family members irk me the most. I know where they have fucked up and made mistakes and taken silly decisions but I’ve never pointed those out or questioned them. My take on it is if I wish to make a mistake, that should be my right to do. Maybe this was a mistake, maybe it’s the best decision I ever made in my life. Only time will tell.

‘Til then expect a roundhouse slap (at least metaphorically) if you ask me what I’m going to do now or any more of the inane questions described above. Make that a thundering roundhouse slap…


Venus-Metamorphosed said...

you know what Sri Lanka is like..gonna have to expect the personal questions and all the prying in to your life and decisions! At least you've got all the beaches and the food to make up for the annoying bits ;)
Hope you're settling down well!

who else but me said...

i hate that questions WHAT NOW?! is life just a series of goals?!

PseudoRandom said...

Why are you surprised by this typical Sri Lankan behaviour?
Why didn't you stay there, where people mind their own business?


Like Venus said, at least you've got the beaches and the food...surely they more than compensate? :-)

sach said...

nothing about "settling down with a nice girl"??

N said...

Venus – true, I’ve never had these personal questions asked to this extent before. I do hope the beaches will make up for it!

Who else – amen, not some endgame.

PR – hehe…I’ll you know in a few years if they compensate.

Sach – surprisingly not yet…I guess the fact that my current job description is Island Boy, they’re waiting til I’m gainfully employed to spring that option.