Saturday, October 17, 2009

On Surviving

The more I look back the more I see clearly, the scars of the past follow me even now. The more I pursue the knowledge I feel I need, the more confused I get. Dispelling the blackness in the back of my mind is not an easy task if that is even possible. It’s only now that I realize what I’ve been running from most of my life and now I have nowhere left to run, just a back to the wall and a rearguard fight. The salvation I thought I would receive is nowhere to be seen, but I’ve made my choice now and I have o live with it. It’s funny how something I thought had no effect on me apart from material and locality has in fact coloured my whole existence, made me, for better or worse, who I am today. I kept thinking I was the one who was unaffected, who was above it all. Now I see the arrogance, the blinders that have brought me where I am today. I know now the deep depths at which my gut screamed to me, when and where I went wrong. I think I’m ready to listen to it now.

Surviving isn’t easy. It takes reserves of strength and climbing mountains that seem almost insurmountable, especially in the mornings and the stuffy afternoons. Everywhere I look I find walls, those that I’ve put up and those that have been put up. I found myself today falling into that old pattern, another checkpoint in the future where my life will change, begin. But now I’m googling how to start it now instead of further down the road. Fingers crossed and a strong heart.


Sabby said...

I don't know whats going on but I hope you stay strong to make it through.
*hugs* =)

maf said...

i am not sure if i am out of line here - but if you want some work similar to what you were doing in the US then send me your CV and i'll see what I can offer you.

who else but me said... you regret leaving all that behind and coming back to SL? the choices you make will start making sense slowly. that's what i always tell myself. it's the only way to live by them without going nuts wondering whether it was right, or wrong and what they will bring in the future.

Pink Mist said...

Self reflection and self awareness are such beautiful, life saving things. Sounds like you've had some eye-opening moments, aren't they amazing? It's tough and scary and everything else but at the same time so much possibility?

Gadgetgirl said...

All the words I always say when u fall or trip just keep pushing forward no matter how hopeless the future maybe.