Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lightning crashes

I woke with the rain, my demon sitting on my chest, cold and inconsolable. I guess I should reconcile myself to it turning up every now and then, paranoia calling it back light a lighthouse beckoning ships. This is certainly better now though, the constant suffocation is but a dim memory. But some days, some gloomy stormy days it returns, whispering words of deceit and lies into my ear. I’ve come to learn that the best thing to do is listen, then open up and trust…in people and the old adage.

It will work out in the end


Seesaw said...

It always does come back. But how you let it affect you can make the difference. That said, I know how tough it is. Crazy tough.

Another old adage for you- 'this too shall pass'. Stay strong! And here's hoping they always pass sooner than later.

T said...

Hugs? lol. Chin up chunks.

Seesaw said...

Look at us, giving similar advice to each other :-) I felt like this the past few days (after a while) and it scared the hell out of me.

But life is still worth living yes? Though the downs make me think otherwise :-/ Think it's not knowing when and how many more times I'll have to go through it.

Glad to know I'm not alone...I realise I still have a lot to accept. But the balance between accepting and not fighting it when it hits is a fine line, and I've not been the best at walking the line...