Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Transition

I know I’m overdoing these posts, but I can’t help it.

There’s nothing more insecure than falling backwards. Weighted down with equipment and awkwardly duck legged. Perch on the edge of the boat, fingers up against the reg and mask and roll over the side, backwards.

There’s a brief fear as the world turns upside down but then the deep blue of the water takes you as it rushes up and the reassuring hiss of the regulator delivers air to your hurried breath. And you know the next 30 minutes to an hour, 13 meters down or 30 are going to bring you sights you have never seen and never will again.

I used to be scared of the backroll, an irrational fear that weighted down I would sink straight to the bottom of the ocean.

But now it’s mostly what I look forward to.

That grand bleu rush...


Chavie said...

The backroll scares me too. And you watch all these documentaries where they just fall off without a care in the world and wonder how they do it! :D

Seesaw said...

Don't really understand diving (it is diving right?!) terms, but your posts reflect a sense of peace and contentment. And it's contagious.

pissu perera said...

eek! do they make everyone roll in? can't you slowly ease yourself in and then deflate like we do in the pool?

maybe i should stop reading these posts til i get the first ocean dive out of the way.

also, word verification: supidip :p