Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What to do when the Big One hits

Look disconcertedly up at the air duct vent and wonder why the air conditioning system got so loud.

Realize that it’s not in fact the air-conditioning system as everything’s shaking.

Feel a certain sense of déjà vu.

Get a bit worried since the shakings not stopping…

In fact it’s getting stronger.

Desperately try to remember what the advice was for a big shake up…under the desk or in the doorway. Try to recall the news article I saw in the gym exposing one of the two options as a fallacy.


Realize files on my head would not be pleasant.

Make a run for the door and stand uncertainly as the shaking thankfully stops.

5.4 on the Richter scale.

Send the obligatory text…”you boys all shook up?”


sach said...

omg forgot you were there. about what to do, I always wonder what I'll do if something happens when I'm in a plane cos I never pay attention when instructions are given.

N said...

Hmm...I actually sleep through that as well..the way I figure it, on a plane if something happens, I'll be so drugged up on sleeping pills I won't even know its all gone wrong.