Saturday, March 7, 2009

Idiots Die

They do, it's only natural Darwinism (if that is a word). Stupid genes get taken out of the gene pool and on Wednesday, I came within a whisker of consigning my genetic material to the wastebin of history. I do really get annoyed with myself when I do something really silly, like being dog tired and talking on the phone while at the wheel. There’s something about the same seven mile stretch of road that I take to work five days a week twice daily that lulls me into a sense of complacency.

Luckily I noticed halfway through my lane change, a third through my conversation that the traffic had gone from 60 to zero in a nanosecond, that the fleeting rear end of the Civic in front of me was alight with red. Thankfully I had room, the presence of mind to brake, swing right and with a slight screech of tires avoid rear ending the car in front of me at 70 miles per hour. Thankful that I didn’t have to experience any cartwheels, windows exploding or airbags popping.
What really surprised me was the lack of reaction on my part. The sibling didn’t even notice a break in the conversation. I guess a cool head prevailed, I don’t think I will try that again though. The phone is to be strictly off limits on the road from now on, especially after a dog day at work.

Because I really want to at least make the motions of passing my genes on.


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pissu perera said...

you mean idiots die faster..

isn't that the second near-death accident for you? didn't you end up ploughing a field with your car once?

anyway, glad your ok.

TheWhacksteR said...

a hands free will fix u up nicely actually.. glad nothing bad happened