Sunday, March 1, 2009

Three years and counting…

Happy blogoversary to me! Well in a manner of speaking. Though it hasn’t been a year yet for my second blog it has been three years and a few days since I started putting keyboard to cyberspace under multiple SP themed blogs. During that time I’ve met a lot of people, virtually and in the ‘real world’ of FB and email, Darwin, Venus, Pseudo, Java, RD, PP; had a drink with a few, T, Savi and even reconnected with old school friends, TinyLF.

Personally, I’ve been through a lot, two jobs, two cities, best friends leaving, best friends getting married, best friends getting pregnant, video toasts, drama, one night stands spurned, alcohol drunk, girls chatted up, endless hours worked, new friends made, businesses started, friends lost. Some things have stayed the same, friendships, stresses, the girl, feelings of home and place.

When I started off I had this grand plan but I seemed to have put that on the fast burner. I have got an import/export business with two very able partners albeit into Australia and it is extremely hard going at the moment and I have almost two years experience in a consultancy working in development. But I’m jumping a lot earlier than I envisioned, I want to take the risk now and not wait til I am comfortable living the dream here. I just received notice that my exit dates can be implemented as planned, now it’s just the financial tiptoeing to make sure everything is in working order. Then there’s the logistical nightmare of moving a life across a couple of oceans.

Oh yeah and fingers crossed this space should get a lot more interesting, I seem to be more prolific and erudite when I’m not playing the part of a corporate whore, not living the rat race dream. Salut to three years…..and hopefully more to come!


PseudoRandom said...

Hey congrats! LOL I just realised I missed my three year blogoversary :D

Your blogs have been an awesome read and I'm looking forward to lots more!

All the best with the new plan...and with life in general. And maybe we can meet in person soon :-)

gutterflower said...

Multiple Snow Patrol themed blogs?
Lol. Quite the fan then?

You've been a great read. Congrats and here's to many many more.

pissu perera said...

congrat on the exit dates :)

not to rain on you parade,but life ain't all that cushy here either. on the bright side though, there's an endless supply of OR to tide you through the times, good and bad, so you should be ok.

here's to less confusion in the aftermath!

T said...

"less confusion in the aftermath"

it just doesn't get any wittier than that, so i wont even try.


also, *hug*?

Venus-Metamorphosed said...

Hey you've had drinks with me! AND I've seen you karaoke..what was it? ABBA? ;) haha

Anyway, congrats on the 3 years! Reading your thoughts is always a pleasure!! Looking forward to more!


Java Jones said...

Keep on truckin' man. And is the Devil still at the wheel???

Sabby said...

Haney, Congrats, darls! =)

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N said...

Pseudo - thanks! Yeah maybe next season :)

gutterflower - what can I say, I'm a groupie!

Pissu - what a catchphase :S...and thanks for the dose of reality. I wasn't under too mnay illusions though.

T - We all know Pissu is exceptionally witty right? :D

Venus - Karaoke? Me? When? But true we have had drinks, my bad! Good to see ur still around :)

Java - thanks! Not really sure who's in the driving seat right now...just gonna go with the flow!

Sabby - thanks!

Ghazala - errmm...not sure how interesting I am but I'll drop you a line if I can find the time!

ZenDenizen said...

Congrats on this auspicious milestone!