Saturday, February 28, 2009

It’s a documentary, it’s a social statement, it’s a comedy!

Seriously, what is it? I remember the first time I saw it, at the impressionable age of about 11. The National Gegographic nudeness, the strange clicking sounds and the baking heat of the Kalahari. I’ve watched the Gods Must be Crazy (and part 2) many times since then and I’m yet to figure out what the hell it is. The tale of the little bushman trying to throw a coke bottle of the ends of the earth because its sudden appearance from the clear blue sky (courtesy of a thirsty pilot with a penchant for littering) causes feelings of envy and want to turn up in their tribe.

It starts out with a documentary style tale of the Bushmen in the Kalahir….documentary as I mentioned.

Then all of a sudden there occurs what is possibly the worst planned yet close to successful coups ever shown on film. The elaborate plan involves a bunch of armed people in two jeeps pull up to the presidential palace, charge in unchallenged and blow the cabinet up in a hail of machine gun fire. Of course the presidential guard shows up inoppurtnely late shoots a few people and then gives chase in a Mercedes gazzguzzler, which promptly runs out of gas.

By this stage I’m scratching my head, theres a fat rebel leader who looks like he was outsourced from Cuba and a bunch of joker rebels. What part they play in a documentary I know not. A lot of banana trees promptly get the fuck blown up, a positive banana smoothie. All through this the little bushman wanders, walking to the end of the earth.

Baboons and Bushman talking, now it’s like a social/nature documentarty on crack. There’s a great white hunter (though an awkward around ladies great white hunter), a beautiful blonde teacher in distress. Oscar award wining drama written all over it by this stage. A grand rescue, machine guns, a romantic liplock and of course all through this the little bushman walks to throw the coke bottle off the end of the earth.

My favourite random quote from the movie:

That’s funny, this elephant’s dung is completely missing Boron.

I personally think this movie in terms of interpretation beats out the best of David Lynch. Mulholland Drive aint got shit on Gods Must be Crazy. It’s a social statement on the evils of materialism and the modern world with a random lovestory, third world coup, adventure tale thrown in for kicks. I have no idea who produced, wrote or dreamt up this movie…but I think I should look them up. Cos I want whatever they’ve been smoking.

And my newly rediscovered catchphrase: Ai, ai, ai, ai


PseudoRandom said...

Oh I remember this one! Vaguely anyway...I just remember the bushman and the coke bottle. I must've been about 4 or 5 - too small to be bothered with anything else.

There's a sequel? :O

Delilah said...

interesting synopsis there:) now you got me wanting to run out and get it too!

sach said...

I know lots of people who stopped watching it within the first few minutes thinking it's going to be a boring documentary about anthropology and are surprised to hear that's not the case at all.

That sequence with the jeep always leaves me in stitches. I have part II somewhere. Is it worth watching or was the first one better?

Jerry said...

I loved that movie!

But I don't remember a sequel. :s

Nice posts!

Serendib_Isle said...

Hey happy anniversary – this is a great discovery that’s gonna take while for me to leaf-through...
Well done n keep up the good work.

Neo said...

sounds like a good watch. tempting! try lynch's lost highway. that's one messed up movie too.

N said...

Pseudo - You should really check out both movies, trust me :)

Delilah - Thanks, See above!

sach - haha...yeah especially when the girl is in the jeep...hilarious :)

Jerry - thanks!

Serendip - Thanks, happy reading :)

Neo - Lynch does my head in...not sure I can handle his stuff.

Jack Point said...

Pretty good film, No.1 is the better of the two.