Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ela Kiri!

Ela Kiri though would be a good way to describe the day though. Despite driving on the 5 and the 101 in the pouring rain and being indescribably confused by the parking downtown and waiting for what seemed an interminably long time for the interview the breeze with which it was conducted put me on cloud 9. I am a bit suspicious as to how easy that was...hopefully that's just my paranoia talking.

Oh yeah and my lawyer was looking quite dishy and smelt really nice, the perks of spending two grand on her I guess.

So obstacle one is down, the major one. Now just some paperwork to be done and the light is shining ever more brightly down that long tunnel. The boss asking me about ‘putting down roots’ did kind of bum me out though in a defensive kind of way. For one thing, it’s none of his business and for another, ‘roots?’ Ermm….marriage and kids….out here? No thanks. The thing is that when it’s a pretty girl and I’m under the influence I can lie with the best of them. But a big, white dude…not real good.

To add the surrealnes of the day was the other email, a PhD offer from Monash. Unfortunately no funding accompanied this so despite R’s rather out-of-the-box thinking that I can fund it by gigoloing myself in Melbourne I will have to, with great regret, decline the offer. On the plus side though, it does open up dialogue with someone who seems a great supervisor to figure out exactly what I have to do in the next couple of years to get funding.

Items on the plate now:
  • Await the final bit of paperwork and then implement some further paperwork for the homeland.
  • Figure out financials, a retirement fund, a safety fund, travel money, etc.- Figure out travel plans, the thought of going to Amsterdam and then Qatar seems fraught with danger for some reason.
  • Figure out what equipment is necessary for the future.
  • Talk to sup about publications.
  • Research potential jobs, leads, etc.
  • Keep plugging away at the Reserve deal
  • Get the fuck out.

Ela Kiri!


Savi said...

ooh yay!! much happiness for you :D

TinyLF said...

You forgot keep plugging away at the Old Reserve.

Also, get that funding yo. Then you can bite the bullet and do a PhD.

N said...

Savi - thanks!:) And you did linkback...I'm a dumass!

TinyLF - thats a strangely familar handle there...I'm trying man I'm trying...and plugging away at the OR is on there!