Saturday, March 21, 2009

Le Grande Bleu

Has to be the best movie ever. Yes I know that’s about as banal as a statement you can get but I cannot think of anything more grandiose. I’m not even sure what the story is about, whether it has some deep existential meaning to do with swimming off into the big blue yonder with a dolphin. I know not any truth in this. But the movie frigging rocks. The music by Eric Serra is divine, Mayal is realistic and the locations and cinematography breathtaking beyond belief.

It also reaffirms one off my more morbid musings, if I were to be reborn as anything, please let it be a dolphin. To be that at home in your environment must truly be a liberating experience. Though the odd crazy Jappo beating you about the head every now and then in the name of tradition might be a bit of a bummer.

And besides, if the world were to become part of a big transportational construction site, at least I would be saved.


Anonymous said...

yet to watch...


Will definitely check the movie out sometime. Thanks :)