Thursday, May 29, 2008

Five questions

So it was a day (a week actually) of putting out fires and getting my head bitten off in between. And I decided to do a quiz. One to do with one of my favourite TV shows. So there I sat while paper bombs blew up around my head and did the quiz, five simple questions and this is what was spit out:

You are "Eric 'E' Murphy"!

You straddle the line between pragmatic and hopeless romantic. Too smart for your own good, you make all the right choices at the cost of never taking any risks. You could have a lot of fun being single, but you'd rather settle down with that special someone. You don't put up with anything you don't need to, and you're the quickest wit among your friends. Possibly because one of your friends is Johnny Drama.


Five questions on a facebook quiz and I get pinned better than a bunch of kooky complicated personality quizzes, aptitude tests and random astrologers down Thimbirigasaya.

Bloody awesome....
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Darwin said...

LOL! If I had to pick someone I'd pick E for you too :D

Hey at least you'd have a totally hot girlfriend for a while!

ZenDenizen said...

E is fine and he got to engage in that 3some.

rasti said...

Mmm Kevin Connolly is all kinds of yummy even though he's a bit on the short side.

N said...

Darwin - hehe...really? E?

Zendenizen - thats a good point:)

rasti - well I'm on the short side as well:)

Scrumpulicious said...

E is my favourite!

Entourage is awesome! :)

N said...

Nice to know E is liked so much...I'm the same height as well...go figure (please don't ask how I found that out)