Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Or rather lack off...I'm tired, oh so tired. I used to love sleeping and never had any problem conking off for around 10 or 12 hours. But somewhere around 2005 my dormouse genes leaked out. I've tried a number of things:
alcohol - wake up even earlier than usual, generally feeling like Arnold did a Terminator on my head. Might have something to do with my choice of drinks, wine or red bull/vodka
mary jane - actually helps but I tend to get very slow in general, which is really not helpful since I usually need to be on my game....both with my regular job and my side work.
sleeping tablets - nice when mixed with wine, but chemical dependencies really aren't my thing.

What I'm left with isn't very helpful, meditation (boring) or reading a book before bed...which is something I guess I'm going to try. Of course there's always sex....but err....that does require a bit of legwork....and given my complicated (I think) situation, not really feasible. Then again, I might try that out soon, given that the ex used to do something that used to put me to bed like a babe...though she was rarely amused by the end result.


Darwin said...


1. Go to www.pubmed.com.
2. Type in 'Phylogenetic Analysis'.
3. Pick a paper of choice. Print out.
4. Read it in bed.

I guarantee you will not last past the Abstract section.

Gutterflower said...

I'm suffering from an excess of sleep. I slept from 6am - 6pm this Sunday. Would gladly exchange places. But for the time being, Darwin's Suggestion sounds good.

BTW, blog name from 'Signal fire', is it? :)

T said...

well if that dsnt help, i've got a couple papers on platyrrhine dentition that might do the trick

pissu perera said...

is that a sign of old age? if so, please someone find me the fountain of youth, please!

sorry, as you can see i have no useful solutions :D

N said...

Darwin - duly noted...next on my list of things to try

gutterflower - bloody hell, 12 hours!! That would need some serious drugs on my part.

Yes indeed the name is from there:)..is it that obvious? Thought I might maintain some consistency

T - what?

Pissu - I hear its even worse for females:)

T said...

LOL. thats what i said too. its about monkeys from south america and they're teeth patterns. sigh, dont ask.

Gutterflower said...

That's one of my favourite songs and I just happen to know it a little too well than I should. :)

a said...


*imagines it*

*fall off chair laughing* :D

don't diss meditation though, it apparently helps the connections between neurons in the brain.

very curious about what she did btw :D am i the only nosy one?!? although i reckon its fair game cos u put it out there

N said...

T - monkeys really? how err..interesting

Gutterflower - :)

A - not dissing meditation...I just dont have the time....as for your question...hehe...use ur imagination:)