Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm back

Right, so I'm back. The retirement lasted all of a couple of months (if that). For me the confusion needs an outlet, the million things to do, the grey areas, the love lost, found, lost again, the arguments, the sweet nothings, the backstabbings, the sunrises, the sunsets all need an outlet.

So if you thought I was emo might want to place a bucket by you now. This is going to be personal, very personal. And I'm going to (try) steer clear of Sri Lankan politics or any soapboxes...well try.

So whats on my plate?

- Career: trying for a new job, as fun as this is, I think I need to move away from small projects to big ones. Still trying to think of something intelligent to say on my resume.
- PhD: I want to start one in 2010, I have an idea, its a brilliant one. I just need to sell it to a supervisor. Which of course means writing a proposal.
- Australia: where I want to do my said PhD. Where they actually give holidays...gasp...shock...horror (incidentally the 5th happiest country in the world.)
- Funding: needed for the PhD...must get my thinking hat on
- Citizenship: the only reason I've stuck it here for this long. More paperwork and applications.
- Studio: getting a business up and running is no easy task.
- The Girl: deserves a post all of its own. Suffice to say this is going to be the cause of a lot of emo posts (I wouldn't want to disappoint my fans)

That's about it. Now why the change?

Lets just say what happened at home changed me, didn't make me feel like I deserved my moniker. I'm still trying to adjust to the changes, becoming the de-facto head of a family without any of the accompanying security was not easy. It's like I'm in a pressure cooker now...and it's coming to boil...I just hope this will help vent it.

TLF had served it's purpose and had to go.

shin, shin to change.


Darwin said...

Yay! No worries about the emo posts but you should know, if you do it too often you can't get mad if I tell you to suck it up a bit right? :D

Nice to have you back!

T said...

and he's back! to stay i hope, i missed your posts! bring on the emo, there's an absence of drama in my life so why not read about yours :)

N said...

Darwin & T - thank you, thank you...I'm going to do my darndest to stick this out:)

Scrumpulicious said...

Yay! I'm happy! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey!! Just saw ur ALIVE!! ok ok.. great to have you back man, and my sympathies on your loss (couldn't comment on your original post). I'm sure you'll pull through the rough times.

N said...

Scrump - :)

Charmax - Thanks machang, yep...what dont kill you..u know:)

sach said...

couldn't stay away for too long huh? going by the general feel of the blog, maybe you should invest in eyeliner and start a band :p

N said...

Sach - no eyeliner in my future thanks:), its cheerier now no?

tinylittlefascist said...

Ah ha.
I missed this till now. I take it you're keeping a low profile, in which case, I'll leave you off the blessed blog rug that I've just put up on TLF.

Welcome back.