Saturday, May 24, 2008

Space Trip

I had an odd experience many moons ago, in fact many many moons ago. Of course the experience was chemically induced and involved stars flying past my eyes at an ever increasing pace. All I needed was to let go and it felt like I would have been doing a Star Child trip for eternity. Trust me the temptation was scary, whether the trip would have ended with my head crashing into the bottle of OR that was on the table at Showboat was the one thing that dissuaded me from letting go.

What was even more odd was this morning. There was definitely no chemical inducement this time and it was a different medium. It was like a scene out of a psychedelic Blue Planet, a stereoscopic view of a dolphin streaking into the depths. There were even little fish fluttering away as I streaked through the water, or rather the water streaked past me. I am a bit concerned that my subconscious was able to conjure up something so vivid and realistic that early in the morning. It was interesting though and it was...with great reluctance...that I dragged myself back due to the presence of an early morning appointment. But some things can't be put off I guess. I'm definitely putting in an application to be a cetacean in my next birth.

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