Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shiny, Happy Morning

Shiny, happy…I’m not sure why I’m so into this phrase as of late but I am.

Figured I would harness the insomnia for doing good. Woke up at 5.00am, ate a couple of wholegrain pancakes, cup of coffee, read a few FB messages and funny photo comments and one rather endearing email. Look I’m a social kind of primate and the fact that most of my friends are 10’s of thousands of miles away bums me out on a daily basis. I may be an online whore, but I am one with the best of intentions.

A refreshingly random Gmail chat about coital relations and implications of keeping score with D and it was off to the gym. Solid one hour workout…this early morning gyming is something I could get used to. A rather nervous shower in the gym (not a big fan of public nudity) and off to work.

The drive down Malibu Canyon was sweet if a bit trafficky. Singing along at the top of my lungs to a Hundred Million Suns while the early morning sun bathes the Santa Monica Mountains golden is not a bad way to get to work. The Asian gentleman in the car behind me seemed a bit concerned at the start of the drive, though by the end I think he was singing along as well.

Plans stamped, approvals gotten and its back to the office. It is all a bit breathless now and the tasks and action items keep getting piled on me by an oblivious management. Obviously being a high achiever has its downsides, especially when I’m currently in my lazy island boy mode.

All things in all, things are good. And I’m shiny and happy…I really am…

And for the record, I too resolve to be negative about negativity. All power to T!


T said...

that holiday really has done you a world of good! look at you, all shiny and happy!

Gypsy said...

Anything to do with the REM song, "Shiny Happy People" ? :)

N said...

T -thank you:)

Gypsy - well the phrase is definitely from there...but I'm kinda making it my own:)