Friday, June 6, 2008

Deja Vu

I coulda sworn I've done this before? Though I can't believe its almost been a year ago...or is it been almost a year ago? Anyways since Scrump and RD (indirectly) tagged me, here goes:

NB: I'm not going to bother with the rules or tagging anybody else...discretion after all is the better part of valour, not to mention there's nobody left to tag.

1. I have trouble figuring out which is my gut and which is my head. Throw my heart in there and intuitively deciding anything becomes sort of like getting the answer 42. I'm not really sure how to fix this, but I think rolling the dice might help me figure it out.

2. I love Kandos superblende, love, love, love it.

3. I used to be a big drinker. I still am but in a different context. Whereas those days I'd be hammering the vodka/red bull or a screwdriver with Blavod and dancing on tables, nowadays I'm more likely to be found sipping (yes sipping) on Old Reserve or a good rum with a bunch of friends. I still haven't sunk to the level of scotch on the rocks, when I do I'll throw myself off a bridge (sorry P and D).

4. I love photography, especially nature and street work. I'm not so sure how I feel about selling out. Necessary evil I guess?

5. I've been in love twice. Once was puppy love (not literally...because that would be...well weird). The second time was very adult but ended in tears (again, not literally...because that would be...pants). This time I'm not sure if I am. Might be the 10,000 miles and the other hundred things on my mind that are clouding my rationality.

6. Related to 5, I don't like saying 'I love you' or 'I miss you.' I say both sets of three little words to important people in my life. But I've learnt the hard way that using those words two often breeds a contempt, a familiarity with words that are too powerful for general use. Those words should be treasured and brought out at unexpected moments to maintain their power (wow...deep eh?).

7. I really do want to save the world, or at least Sri Lanka...not in a single handed powerful way. But in my own small way. I also want to live happily in a nice house with a nice wife and two cute kids...not sure how compatible the two aims are....lets find out shall we?

That's it right? Lets do this again next year yes? Would be interesting to see where I stand then. Assuming I'm still standing.


rasti said...

Wow. Kids! This coming famously from the one who admitted (in one of my comments sections years ago) to not even being able to handle a schizo shitzu let alone his own spawn ;)

How the times have changed!

sach said...

Agree with you on #6

tinylittlefascist said...

Sha. Superblende. I love it too. You want some?


Scrumpulicious said...

Number 7 sounds like fun (though obviously with a hubby!)!
And roll the dicve already!

N said...

Rasti - hehe...did I say that? Well everyone (almost) wants to reproduce right? we're all vitims of our biology.

Sach - word

TLF - Yes pluuueeease....I don't have anyone coming until August...sigh..

Scrump - Dice is a rolling:)

Anonymous said...

now i'm scared - cos i've hit the 'scotch on the rocks' phase - had 4 doubles last night and drove home.. ok it was my b'day but still i'm getting worried.. i only drink 10-15 yr old single malt whisky but the fact that i enjoy it so much scares the shit out of me..

u know who this is.. right?

Sabby said...

Number six is just too damn true...


Number seven about the whole nice house, nice wife formula ties in perfectly about your previous post about Eric E Murphy. =) To the T, mate.