Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th


Friday the 13, June 2008.

This time is always the worst. Waiting for the weekend to start. For that blessed relief of either thanakola and a movie, loose girls and house music. Whichever floats my boat these day, though recently of course it has been mostly the latter.

It's sort of like the last two hours of a flight. I always get cabin fever then. It's like I have the ague and it's all I can do not to resonate enough to scare the crap out of my fellow passengers. Is it me or have I lost my writing ability? Methinks its about time I crank out some funny shit on this blog, maybe the story of the stripper, the softbox and the studio. It's sort of like a Southern Californian fairytale with a princess with really weird boobs...not to mention wholly inappropriate photographic direction. Maybe I should write that up.

Or maybe I'll just get thanakolafied and watch Juno.


Java Jones said...

I think you should. So. Calif. fairy tales are usually good, especially with the combination you have in mind. Can't wait!


sach said...

Yes please. I miss your funny posts. You wrote the funniest blog post I've ever read, the San Francisco one.

But in keeping with you current mood, check this out. Good tshirt motif :p

T said...

yes please. im in desperate need of a boost and ur posts always do the trick.